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Welcome to My HomePage

My motto : If you have a goal, then you will find a way to achieve it.

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Because it was used as a whole, the personal blog is now changed to private. Please contact me if necessary.

So. you can find my blog Folder infomation in this

Scholar and Developer




Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

BS , Network Engineering , 2016-2020

Work Experience

蒙牛云计算中心 ( 2018年9月 ~ 2019年9月 )

In this project, the API interaction design of the front and back ends, and user permission design, the user design of the Linux system is borrowed from the user design, and finally the multi-user different permissions are realized.

In the application deployment, my colleague and I completed the migration from the traditional deployment to the Docker Cluster, which realized the use of 24/7 all-weather, and facilitated the deployment of the new version of the application multiple times.

Skills & Expertise

These are languages, tools, experience and practices to which I have had exposure over the past 5 years or so.

My major road with python dev and container ops

Programming Languages


Frameworks & APIs

SpringBoot Wordpress bootstrap jQuery

Software & Tools

Markup/Templating Languages & Preprocessors

secondary (once in a while)